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Touch-up varnish 125 ml-bottle
Touch-up varnish 125 ml-bottle

Touch-up varnish 125 ml-bottle

30512BXC  Auxiliary

Painting Varnish
Painting varnish is a glossy and colourless final varish made from synthetic resin. It protects an artwork against the unwanted effect of nature and chemicals.

Touch-Up Varnish
Touch-up varnish is a glossy and colourless varnis made from synthetic resin, for correcting faded areas or touching up existing varnish.
It can be painted over.

Painting Medium
Painting medium is a glossy and colourless medium made from poppyseed oil and synthetic resin. It is mainly used for adding oil-based colour (oil-based to water-based) and allows works to be glazed.

Painting Medium - quick-dry
Quick-dry medium is a painting medium that dries more quickly due to the addition of drying agents.

Petroleum Essence
Mineral-based petroleum essence offers the advantage of remaining unaltered by exposure to the air. It is used mainly for oil painting. Its absorption power allows it to fluidify colour and make it highly mobile. This essence can be used to create a matte effect by diluting it with mediums and varnishes.

Essence of Turpentine
Essence of turpentine is the traditional diluent recommended for oil painting, especially when underpainting. Mixed with oil-based colours, essence of turpentine forms a fluid paste that is easy to apply, without altering the colours.

Purified Linseed Oil
Purified linseed oil is the most drying and resistant of the oils used for painting. However, it does have a tendency to turn yellow over time. Best used with dark or less siccative shades (yellow, red, green, earth, black).

Polymerised Linseed Oil
Polymerised linseed oil is used as a medium and is best mixed with turpentine or other essences. It lends a great deal of suppleness to the colour, in order to erase visible brushstrokes, allowing for very fine work on details. It gives a highly glossy finish when glazing.

Poppyseed Oil
Poppyseed oil is less yellowing and also less siccative than linseed oil. Poppyseed oil is specially recommended for colours that can suffer from yellowing (whites, light tones and blues).


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The technique of oil painting

The technique of oil painting

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