Artists say...

« Wow !!!!!!!!...... They are simply WONDERFUL !!!!! I must confess that in front of all these colours I’m winded ! Rich in pigments, soft but not crumbly, they are the smoothness on the skin…and what to say about the tints…greys are unique…the reds ! Like I never saw…and with age I have nevertheless several brands of pastels » S. CA

"You have some great colors - strong, highly saturated, and also some very pale and subtle. I believe the consistency is a great benefit too. They are soft enough without being too soft - hard enough without being too hard" R.M US

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Blockx pastel, ready for use, is made of pure pigment in the strongest company tradition.
Soft, velvety and of superb tinting strength, it draws on any surface, although best suited for appropriate pastel paper.

Wrapped individually, the sticks are clean and their wrapper is easily taken off.

Achieved with modern chemistry, yet still handmade, they are watersoluble and lightfast, guaranteed by five generations of chemist.
204 bright, luminous and fresh tints are available.

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