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I have been painting with oil color for the last 7 years almost daily, I have used so many makers of oil that I think I am allowed to say ....Your oil colors are the best! I painted my first oil yesterday using exclusively your brand, and I could not believe the way your colors matched my vision, it was such a joy to mix colors and spread them on the small canvas! I have used oils from Zecchi, in Italy, Sennelier France, Winsor & Newton , Vasari , Gamblin, Utrech, Blue ridge USA, Maimeri Artisti, Maimeri Puro Italy, and Rembrandt . I think none of these can match the purity and versatility of your oils.

Yes they are quite expensive, but..... they are the best! I finally found my brand of oil colors. They are so brilliant is just amazing. Thank you all for the best colors money can buy! Sincerely Mariano Z GA



Still handground in the Blockx tradition with slowly rotating stone mills, our extra-fine artists' colors are made from the finest selection of pigments and oil.

Only pure pigment is used for maximum lightfastness, buttery consistency and easy mixing on the canvas itself.

All colors have a minimum lightfast rating 7 out of 8 on the blue wool scale. So they all can be considered perfectly lightfast.
Iron oxides, earths and blacks are ground with linseed oil. All other pigments are ground with poppyseed oil which is well-known for its lack of yellowing and the non-forming of wrinkles at the time of the drying.

Why not the same oil for all pigments ?

How do your finest oils born?

Oils making

Our oils are available in :

  • Tubes of 20, 35, and 200ml
  • Jars of 500 ml and buckets of 5 litres.

New : historical pigments handground with poppyseed oil ;

  • Vermillon
  • Naples yellow light
  • Naples yellow dark
  • Lapis Lazuli

Complete Color chart :

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