Artists say...

"Paint is very important to paintersand we have a close personal association with our pigments. Over the years I've used many brands of oil paint, but I have never found any better than BLOCKX, period. They are dependably consistent and easy to work with, to be shure, but it is the superb strength of color that distinguishes Blockx paint. The color sings" R.M., US

" The reason I like Your paints so much is, that they are very creamy - and uniform in consistence - not oily like some brands. The creamyness of the paints make them especially useful for detailed realistic paintings. Of course they are highly pigmented als" S.V.,CA

"let me just say that the paints are wonderful ! - and they are facilitating my work... The consistency of your paints and the beautiful purity of your colors has facilitated the wet into wet painting... I am coming to understand the consistency of your paints,  the purity of your colors and the way the colors you make relate to each other and your amber products as all part of a beautiful, sensitively designed whole.  It all combines to form a wonderful painting system !  Thank you Jacques and thank you to the previous generations of your family for the sincerity and integrity of your efforts.  They have produced tremendous results" J.H, US




Pigments are finely selected and used PURE, at their best saturation. We never use additives or charges.

Your colors are pure, bright and deep with a very little quantity of product. They can be mixed direct on canvas. Your paint is much brighter, and more intensely and deeply colored

Iron oxides, earths pigments and blacks are ground with linseed oil. Other pigments are ground with poppyseed oil which prevents yellowing and dries without wrinkling or mottling.

Your paints are brighter and maintain that brightness over time

We still use STONE mills, the only ones able to reproduce a handmade job.

Your paint is smooth, has buttery consistency and is easily mixed on canvas.


We make only traditional products of the highest quality. It means that we do not produce acrylics for instance or second range quality product. We never use non lightfast pigments. We have never made, and will never make, second quality of paints.

We want artists to be able to paint without worrying about the quality of their paints, so we make only the best one.

All our colors are made in our workshop in Belgium
by specialised craftsmen working under the leadership of Jacques Blockx himself. Every step of making is strictly checked and a sample of each batch is carefully kept for years

Our own tests made on our products more than 140 years ago now by renowned flemish masters under the leading of our founder Jacques Blockx.


The unique experience of 5 generations of chemists in the same family

Today, we act to manufacture a product, a price and a service at the highest quality.

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