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"I am coming to understand the consistency of your paints,  the purity of your colors and the way the colors you make relate to each other and your amber products as all part of a beautiful, sensitively designed whole.  It all combines to form a wonderful painting system !  Thank you Jacques and thank you to the previous generations of your family for the sincerity and integrity of your efforts.  They have produced tremendous results" J.H, US

"I have used the amber varnish only a little in the sky area of this painting but the results were good - beautiful actually and I'm sure I will be trying your amber further as I continue painting" J.H.,US

"I love using your amber and have found when using with a clear oil paint there is a luminosity that I cannot achieve any other way. Thanks again", J.Y. Aus



amber varnish and amber solution From father to son since 1865 ...

How can we describe the merits of amber in oil painting?
Amber was first used by the Flemish masters. For centuries it was overlooked and then was rediscovered in 1860 by Jacques Blockx. The secret of its preparation is still well kept.

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