The experience of 5 generations from father to son, and from father to daughter                  who devoted their life to paint.

Jacques BLOCKX I
1844 - 1913
1881 - 1952
1914 - 1945
Chemical engineer
Born in 1944
Chemical engineer
Géraldine BLOCKX
Born in 1986
Management Sciences

lready in 1865, his painter friends were desperate to find the good colors of the past. They were no longer making colors themselves in their workshops and, at that time, paints were starting to be offered by a new industry. It was for these painters that Jacques BLOCKX, a wealthy chemist, went to work.

To quote Salvator Dali, writing about Jacques Blockx the founder in "50 secrets of craftmanship" : "This man who never painted, will contribute more to the painters of tomorrow than what we will have accomplished, all the modern painters together".

In his book "Compendium" published in 1926 he wrote " In a word, I reject every colour which does not possess the requisite qualities for ensuring complete permanence in artistic painting".
As nice as they can be, we never indeed prepare transient or unstable shades.
About the quality of ingredients used for making pigments he wrote on his order form around 1890 : "My products are certified chemically pure. Liquid are sold with my registred signature. Our quality is guaranteed!"

More than 100 years later, analyses made by official laboratories worldwide on paintings confirm it.

Jacques BLOCKX IV writes on color charts : "We do not, and never have done, prepare transient or unstable shades. A classification by degree of stability would, therefore, be out of place". He will also add about watercolor : "I guarantee maximum stability against light, of all my shades, which will insure, through time, your talent as a watercolor painter through your works of art".

It is this very legacy of the finest quality artists colors always slowly ground on stone mills that the 5th generation guarantees and offers you today.

The pioneer spirit is intact.

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